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Bibble and Sip


ADDRESS: 253 W. 51st.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 51st between 7th and 8th

PLUG SITUATION: It’s average. There are a couple plugs near the walls.

SEATING: There are five tables intended for two people. Each of them have stools to sit on but they’re not exactly super comfortable. There is also a set of bar stools facing the window.

WIFI: It works. It’s not fast enough to upload anything. I had to use my personal wifi hotspot for that.

BATHROOM SITUATION: It has one. It’s gender neutral intended for one person.

NOISE LEVEL: Not bad. It’s comfortable.

LIGHTING: I am not a fan. It has a very Starbuck-esque feel. It’s not fluorescent but it’s pushing the line. The tile floor situation may have something to do with its rather starbucks kind of feel

FOOD: This is the strong suit for this place. The pastries are a work of art. The coffee is solid and they have decaf.

OVERALL: This is a solid option for a meeting in the area (which is why I came here in the first place). It’s a good place to sit down and answer some emails for a bit but it doesn’t exactly feel like a warm and inspiring place.

The ground rules of course for any coffee shop. Don’t be a dick and read the room. Order food and drinks if you are going to post up. Unless, you get the vibe otherwise try not to spend more than like two hours. This is a pretty basic (but also personable guide) to the top coffeeshops in New York City to get work done — great for remote workers, writers, and students alike.

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