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Irving Farm W. 79


ADDRESS: 224 W 79th St, New York, NY 10024

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 79th St between Amsterdam and Broadway

PLUG SITUATION: Seems great. Both in the front seating section near the door there are quite a few plugs. In the back there are even more. It looks like there is one next to every other table in the back.

SEATING: This is the strong suit of this place. There are 12 tables in the back alone along the wall and a big communal table in the middle. In the front space, there are more two person tables.

WIFI: No. Either come here when you do not need wifi or have a personal Wifi hotspot

BATHROOM SITUATION: There is one bathroom. There is no code. It could be cleaner.

NOISE LEVEL: Not too loud at all. You can comfortably have a conversation and concentrate but it’s not silent. There is music in the background. During my visit, the barista’s choice was Top 40 from 2008.

LIGHTING: Decent stereotypical coffeeshop mood lighting. The back area has a skylight.

FOOD: The food is a bit limited. There are a few sandwich and breakfast options but not a lot.

OVERALL: Limited food options and no Wifi – if you can manage without those or have your own personal wifi hotspot. This is a solid choice.

The ground rules of course for any coffee shop. Don’t be a dick and read the room. Order food and drinks if you are going to post up. Unless, you get the vibe otherwise try not to spend more than like two hours. This is a pretty basic (but also personable guide) to the top coffeeshops in New York City to get work done — great for remote workers, writers, and students alike.

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