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Review: 787 Coffee on 10th


ADDRESS: 159 2nd Ave, E 10th St, New York, NY 10003


PLUG SITUATION: It’s pretty solid. There are two sets on the left-hand side wall when you walk in. There is another on the opposite wall as well as a power strip.

SEATING: There’s a good amount of seating here. There are five round top tables designed for two people. There is also a long communal table that could fit four people — (six if you really had to). There is also ample outdoor seating with several two person tables on the tree lined street.

WIFI: Not bad. It works well. I was able to upload and download it easily.

BATHROOM SITUATION: It does not have one.

NOISE LEVEL: This is a perfect spot. Not too loud and not too quiet.

LIGHTING: There is some overhead lighting with yellow bulbs that gives the place that warm coffee shop feeling but with the big nearly floor to ceiling windows on the natural light can really be all that you need.

FOOD: It’s alright. Good coffee. They source their beans directly from Puerto Rico and fly them to New York every two weeks. That’s pretty incredible. They also have some pastries and empanadas as well. This is not a place for a meal though.

OVERALL: While there are several 787 Coffee locations in the area (sort of a local chain) this one is a standout. This is a pretty solid option as long as you have an empty bladder. Oh, and by the way, there is a printer!


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