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Review: Blanco Latte

Blanco Latte

NEIGHBORHOOD: Williamsburg

ADDRESS: 109 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: Bedford and North 11th

SEATING: The seating is great. There are seven two person tables in the center of the cafe and along the wall there are four booths.

WIFI: Not ideal. It’s iffy. If you are writing emails and such it will due fine, if you need to download or upload anything you may want to find another spot or have a portable hotspot handy

PLUG SITUATION: It’s pretty good if you get a seat near the window. There are outlets next to each booth.

BATHROOM SITUATION: There is one single person bathroom. Careful with the door. It slams and it’s loud when it does.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s great. For a fairly large space. It’s relatively quiet.

LIGHTING: The lighting is mellow. With floor to ceiling windows this place seems to bank largely on natural light. The windows facing N. 11th are in the afternoon sun so plan accordingly.

FOOD: This place has great coffee but it’s fairly obvious the pastries are their claim to fame. The tarts, muffins, and cookies are tempting. If you are on a diet and have a sweet tooth

OVERALL: I highly recommend this place. There is reliable seating. The coffee is on point and the noise level is low. The wifi can be a problem so if you need to do something that requires a strong connection, maybe try elsewhere. Fortunately there’s a lot of places within a stone’s throw. The afternoon sun can be a nuisance so come earlier in the day or wear sunglasses.


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