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Review: Kona Coffee Grand central

kona coffee grand central
kona coffee grand central

Review: Kona Coffee Grand Central


ADDRESS: 100 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: Park Av between 40th and 41st near Grand Central

PLUG SITUATION: There are outlets under the seats in the front of the space. Upstairs the layout is similar.

kona coffee grand central
kona coffee grand central

SEATING: This place is great. When you walk in you’ll see seven two person tables along the wall facing the coffee bar. There’s a larger four person table in the back. Then there is an upstairs with more tables.

WIFI: The wifi is fast. It’s easy to use and get things done. No password as of (6/15/23)

BATHROOM SITUATION: One single person bathroom

NOISE LEVEL: Not too noisy but still noisy. The high ceiling acoustics do make sound travel through so if there are people having loud conversations you can hear them. There is

LIGHTING: The lighting overhead is fluorescent so it's well lit. There are also floor to ceiling windows on the front.

FOOD: It’s alright. The coffee is good. This has a Hawaiian flare as the name suggests. The menu features a decent amount of coconut.

OVERALL: This is a solid option in midtown Manhattan


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