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REview: Recreation at Moxy Hotel Downtown

NEIGHBORHOOD: Financial District

ADDRESS: 26 Ann St. 3rd Floor


PLUG SITUATION: There’s a lot. This is a very big space. There are spots underneath the bar, next to a couch on the far wall, in another set of bar style seats and a handful on the floor.

SEATING: There is a lot here. There is a row of eight two person tables near the elevator bank. Five two person tables that look like chess boards, a long table six room for 12 people. There’s two lounge areas with couches and lounge chairs. One is closest to the entrance and the other on the far side. There is also a bar and a row of six bar top tables for two people.

WIFI: Works well. It’s open network

BATHROOM SITUATION: There are two single person gender neutral bathrooms.

NOISE LEVEL: This place can be loud. It is also a restaurant, hotel lobby and bar with bar games in the lobby space. There is skeeball, shuffle boards, and a giant connect four. If you cannot work through the noise, this isn’t the place for you.

LIGHTING: It’s warmly lit with a good amount of natural light from the far wall plus a skylight.

FOOD: This is also a bar and restaurant with light eats so you can grab a flatbread, salad or sandwich while you work or maybe some guac or a cheese board. The options are endless. They have a coffee selection and a full bar.

OVERALL: This is a solid option to get some work done in the Financial District. This place is ideal for a meeting especially if you are (or want to come off as) the swanky and trendy type. This place can get loud so if you are the type that needs quiet, this place may not be for you.


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