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The Coffee Break: Christina Kremidas

Christina Kremidas with WFHishNYC mug
Christina Kremidas with WFHishNYC mug

Meet Christina Kremidas!

She’s a New York real estate agent and influencer. With more than 14 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 37 thousand on TikTok, she’s built a name and reputation for moving properties across the city.

Kremidas knows the city well. She’s born and raised in our most populous borough — Brooklyn and quite deep at that. She’s a native of Sheepshead Bay. If you’re not familiar with it you’ve probably not lived here long enough to be the go-to authority on the ins and outs of this great city. That is one of the many traits that helped Kremidas set herself apart.

Her local education at Pace University (where she met her husband) in the Financial District also helped of course. Her path, educationally speaking, is indicative that what you major in may not be what you end up doing, although, maybe can help you find your niche. She studied advertising.

Before moving into the real estate space she worked in B2B marketing with large companies like HP and Verizon Fios.

She says that helped her prepare her for taking on top tier real estate and working with the richest of the rich.

“I was very comfortable working with high net worth individuals,” Kremidas says. She wanted to make the pivot to real estate after years of consideration and hitting the grind in the advertising industry.

The ethos behind her shift is indicative of the New York sentiment that invigorates locals and inspires people from all over the world to move here. She felt like in real estate there was much more room for growth— financially. There is kind of a ceiling in the advertising world.

She got into the social media influencer grind before her 2017 pivot to real estate. She started a blog in 2013 right after college where she would post pictures of her dog.

She was invited to all kinds of socialite New Yorker events where people would bring their dogs.

“I was not a dog influencer. That was not my calling. I gave that up and changed directions to something more lifestyle based,” Kremidas says.

Fast forward to today, she’s built a brand sharing the best of the best real estate listings in NYC alongside great advice on the homebuying process.

After several years in the business she says that she felt the most growth in her “stomping grounds” — the financial district.

When she works remote she recommends Recreation at the Moxy Hotel Downtown which we reviewed here and the Ace Hotel which WFHishNYC also reviewed.

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