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Copper Mug

If you are looking for an awesome space to get some work done in Williamsburg. There are A LOT of options. Copper Mug is a pretty good one.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Williamsburg

ADDRESS: 131 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: North 4th and Bedford Av.

PLUG SITUATION: This is not this place’s strong suit. There are plugs but they’re sparse. There is one set in the front and one on the back wall near the bathroom but it's not near the L cove of seating. If you are lucky enough to find a seat near a plug… congratulations. Here that seems to be something of an accomplishment

SEATING: This place has a lot of great seating options. It mostly has two person tables. There are four in the front and five in the back in addition there are also a bunch of high top tables. Those are also two seaters. The one in the back is next to a plug. In the summer this place is extra great. It has a backyard with A LOT of seating.

WIFI: It’s pretty fast. I got my work done easily and uploaded a video. No complaints at all.

BATHROOM SITUATION: It’s pretty solid— single person. No code.

NOISE LEVEL: It can be a bit noisy but you can comfortably hold a conversation with someone if you are having a meeting. If you can’t concentrate with louder music, this is probably not the place for you. I personally love the music choices. I’ve been here a few times. I am digging the early 2010s indie pop hits from the likes of Foster The People, Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club. I dig it.

I now have this song Stuck in my head!!

LIGHTING: It's bright and fluorescent— the place is well lit and also has big windows in the front and the back so there is a lot of sunlight seeping in from outside.

FOOD: Great coffee and quite the pastry selection. They have a number of smoothies too if that’s your thing.

OVERALL: This is a great spot as long as your laptop is fully charged.

The ground rules of course for any coffee shop. Don’t be a dick and read the room. Order food and drinks if you are going to post up. Unless, you get the vibe otherwise try not to spend more than like two hours. This is a pretty basic (but also personable guide) to the top coffeeshops in New York City to get work done — great for remote workers, writers, and students alike.

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