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REVIEW: Coppola Cafe

Coppola Cafe


ADDRESS: 171 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014


PLUG SITUATION: There is one on a column. Come charged.

SEATING: Everything here is high stools at least inside. There are six two person tables, one four person table and two seats along a bar overlooking the window. There are also six two person tables outside.

WIFI: It’s fast. No problems

BATHROOM SITUATION: There is one single person bathroom in the back.

NOISE LEVEL: Comfortable. There is very low music in the background but it’s so quiet it's hard to tell what song is playing. People are pretty quiet here too. It seems like this place is a solid WFH spot. At the time of this post, there are seven people here– five of which — myself included are on their laptops.

LIGHTING: There are large floor to ceiling windows that dominate much of the space. There are yellow bulb lights on the ceiling as well.

FOOD: There are a number of pastries as well as a handful of sandwiches.

OVERALL: This is a solid option in the West Village as long as your device is charged up.

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