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Review: Hidden Grounds

NEIGHBORHOOD: Williamsburg

ADDRESS: 400 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211


PLUG SITUATION: There are a couple. The pair are on one of the two benches in the establishment. Other than that it is pretty sparse.

SEATING: There are eight tables. Each one of them has a seat with a shared bench and then a small stool. The tables are big enough for about one laptop and a cup of coffee. This is a good place for solo or a meeting that doesn’t require any devices or documents.

WIFI: It’s alright. It works well. I was able to get downloading, uploading and writing done seamlessly

NOISE LEVEL: The noise level is comfortable. The music is not too loud. It’s great for meetings and conversations. This is not a super busy place but it does have high ceilings so noise can bounce if it gets busy.

LIGHTING: It's fairly industrial with yellow bulbs but overwhelmingly the establishment relies on natural light with large floor to ceiling windows wrapping the majority of the coffeeshop.

FOOD: This place’s strong suit is their chai and matcha, both are well represented on the menu in both their beverages and their pastries. Not really a place to grab a bite other than maybe a scone, croissant or donut. If you want a sandwich or something this is not the place for you.

OVERALL: If you are going for the food, this is probably not your go to, but if a reliable workspace is what you want, this is probably the place for you.


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