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If you are trying to get some work done right where Bushwick and Bed Stuy meet, look no further than Brooklyn. Solid location and solid coffee.

Cup of Brooklyn

NEIGHORBOOD: Bed Stuy / Bushwick Border

ADDRESS: 1071 Gates Ave.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: It’s on Gates and Broadway right by the J/Z station.

PLUG SITUATION:Pretty solid. There are a good amount under this wall of tables and some of the back wall.

SEATING: There are good options. Tables for two on the side wall — a decent amount.

WIFI: Yep, works fine. No complaints.

BATHROOM SITUATION: There’s one single bathroom. Get the job done. No complaints

NOISE LEVEL: Comfortable. There is a decent amount of music but never overwhelming. Playlists vary a lot. Once I heard The Smiths and another day… Barbie Girl.

LIGHTING: Very stereotypical coffeeshop — well lit but not fluorescent

FOOD: Solid. I’ve been here a bunch and never had anything bad (although there could always be a first time). They have wacky favors for lemonades and stuff. They have a full menu with sandwiches, salads and even plates. It’s not just pastries — but their pastries are nothing to scoff at.

The Doughnuts are to die for. It’s terrible for your diet of course, but luckily it’s across the street from a Blink Fitness.

OVERALL: This a pretty good option if you are in the neighborhood. It does close on the earlier side so it's not really a late night writer’s kind of place.

The ground rules of course for any coffee shop. Don’t be a dick and read the room. Order food and drinks if you are going to post up. Unless, you get the vibe otherwise try not to spend more than like two hours. This is a pretty basic (but also personable guide) to the top coffeeshops in New York City to get work done — great for remote workers, writers, and students alike.

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