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Kobrick Coffee

I have very mixed feelings about this one. This Meatpacking District Cafe is great and awful at the same time.

Kobrick Coffee

NEIGHBORHOOD: Meatpacking District

ADDRESS: 24 9th Ave

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 9th Ave between 13th and 14th

PLUG SITUATION: It’s not bad and not great. There are an ample number of outlets but not all of them are close to seats.

SEATING: This place has amazing seating options. There is seating in the back. It mostly has two person tables along the wall with a swing and couch available in the back section. There’s also a large center table for sharing. In the front there are more tables designed for two.

WIFI: Awful, just terrible. I had to use my phone’s wifi hotspot to get anything done.


NOISE LEVEL: The acoustics don’t amplify conversations. It’s pretty great if you are the kind of person that needs a bit of background noise to get work done like myself. The music situation can best be described as an identity crisis. During my time utilizing the space, I heard songs from Miles Davis, Disclosure, and the Backstreet Boys. All were stellar choices but maybe not for this venue.

LIGHTING: It's a typical coffee shop but the place has lots of big windows so natural light plays a big role.

FOOD: This is a real strong suit for this place. The decaf coffee is top notch. I got the Mushroom Toast. That hit the spot especially after a midday workout. I didn’t have any but I noticed the cafe had Russ and Daughters Babka in its pastry display.

OVERALL: This seems like a great place to have a meeting or a coffee break but I am not sure about a place to post up for an extended period of time.

The ground rules of course for any coffee shop. Don’t be a dick and read the room. Order food and drinks if you are going to post up. Unless, you get the vibe otherwise try not to spend more than like two hours. This is a pretty basic (but also personable guide) to the top coffeeshops in New York City to get work done — great for remote workers, writers, and students alike.

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