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The Coffee Break: Jeremy Asgari

Meet Jeremy Asgari. He's the founder of Outsiders— the local group that helps people get out of the city, get active and experience nature. For the second edition of the Coffee Break I gotta sit down with him at the exclusive club Ludlow House.

The hustle and bustle of New York City can be exhausting. Of course, the fast pace and its inspiring vibrant culture is why we live here. For Asgari, that was a driving factor why he started the group Outsiders.

If you are not familiar with the group they take hikes, bike rides and all other kinds of active activities within a couple hours of New York City although they do have some awesome travel trips.

Personally, I’ve been meaning to jump on one of those.

His project embraces a key frustration that many New Yorkers have — why when you meet up with friends or loved ones often it's for drinks, dinner, coffee (oops) or some kind of other consumeristic and honestly, sometimes, super expensive.

Unfortunately for many of us, more often than not, the status of our wallets are a major barrier to entry if we can have a great time or not (depending on your choice company of course)

Asgari spent years working in a space that is the embodiment of consumerism and spending while having so much fun —nightlife!

In part that’s why’s been able to build a group with such a large following.

He now works full time running the program and hires hundreds of part timers to help run the trips. He often does this from a variety of coffee shops (although he doesn’t drink coffee) or the social club he belongs to.

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