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The Coffee Break: Stephanie D'Agostini

On this month’s edition of The Coffee Break I sat down with comedian Stephanie D’Agostini — the mind and face behind Overheard’s Hot and Single dating show on Instagram / TikTok.
For those unfamiliar, it may be time to get out from under that rock.
Hot and Single taps into that real vulnerability and concurrent cornucopia of traumatic toxicity that is the New York City dating scene.
Her comedic and frank take on the brutal New York dating experience resonates. If you are single in this city you can obviously relate.
“I am a comedian so I came at this from a funny and interesting perspective but it turned into this very earnest show about how people are struggling to date and want to find love,” D'agostini explains.
“It’s become much bigger than I thought it was going to be,” she adds. In the program D'agostini interviews locals and transplants alike primarily in Washington Square Park about what exactly they’re looking for in a partner and see if her interviewees know their own red flags.
A native of New Jersey, she now calls Bushwick home. While D'agostini briefly left New York City for Los Angeles, she quickly returned to the superior choice of American cities. Refreshingly, she is also very open about her own dating life candidly explaining her brief New York hiatus was for a guy and was prepared to convert to Orthodox Judaism for him. That didn’t last.
She expressed she has mixed feelings about being approached by fans who expect her to be like the character she plays (which actually happened during our interview) She said she once went on a date with someone who was a fan of her work and asked her to roast him.
“It’s like they expect me to be this character. It’s part of who I am but people are also nuanced. I also have a soft and serious side,” she adds.
We would be remiss if we didn’t ask her about the biggest icks and faults of the New York single. When it comes to hetrosexual relationships for men she says the biggest factors working against them is that they are just avoidant.
“The second something feels serious they jump ship and they’re usually one to get it to that point,” she added. For women, she says “we’re not patient, we want answers of where this going and what this is”
For remote work she recommends two awesome places in Bushwick, Pan— a cafe off the Halsey L stop and Nook (one of my personal favorites) which has since been reviewed by WFHishNYC.
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