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ADDRESS: 123 4th Av (yes that’s really the address)

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 4th Ave between 12th and 13th

PLUG SITUATION: It’s not terrible but there is not enough. There are a handful in the back in each corner. In the front part of the cafe, it’s much more limited. There just aren’t really plugs there and some of them seldomly work. There are two outlets in the back section that are fairly reliable.

SEATING: The place this location really stands out is with its seating options. There is a communal table in the back as well as one round table for a few people along with more than a dozen two person tables both in the front and back parts of the cafe. This is a popular place so sometimes it can be hard to find somewhere to sit

WIFI: It works most of the time but is not super reliable. I’d be prepared to use a wifi hotspot here if need be

BATHROOM SITUATION: There is one bathroom. It has a code and frankly it’s kind of gross

NOISE LEVEL: The noise level is comfortable. The music is not too loud. It’s great for meetings and conversations sometimes. In my experience, it can get pretty loud at times. It’s not far from NYU and New School. This is a place of choice for a lot of college students.

LIGHTING: It's a typical coffee shop lighting throughout but it can be pretty bright with the floor to ceiling windows in the front.

FOOD: This place isn’t the best coffee shop in New York City fiend. It’s frankly quite average. It does have good pastry and food options.If you are hungry go for the grilled cheese. If you have a sweet tooth go for the Brookie. Personally, I really wish the place would find a new name for that treat because I don’t like saying it outloud.

OVERALL: If you are going for the food, this is probably not your go to, but if a reliable workspace is what you want, this is probably the place for you.

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