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Ace Hotel


ADDRESS: 20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 29th between 5th and broadway

SEATING: There’s so many options. There are tons of couches and chairs both in the front and the back of the lobby. The more loungy options are separated by a large community table. There are also several two person high tables with stools.

PLUG SITUATION: There are a few plugs underneath the community table but not all of them work. There are plugs next to some of the columns but in my experience, those can be hard to find.

WIFI: It works well. I’ve been able to upload a video easily without any delays. I’ve used the lobby several times. When the internet works— it works well. With this place though, it can be a gamble. It seems to be down A LOT in my experience.

BATHROOM SITUATION: There are a handful of single person bathrooms towards the back of the establishment near the bar.

NOISE LEVEL: This place can get fairly noisy. With high ceilings sound travels. The music can get pretty loud too. If you thrive in quiet spaces, this may not be the place for you.

LIGHTING: It’s fairly dark. It has an intimate evening bar feel to it in that respect. That makes sense because it also happens to be a bar.

FOOD: This is an amazing spot. I’ve been here a few times. There’s nothing quite like a fried chicken sandwich while you’re working. One time, with my friend Rebecca we had a Charcuterie board. There is a stumptown coffee location in the front of the hotel.

OVERALL: The lobby of this space is a remote workers paradise.


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