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Cafe Flor Review

Cafe Flor


ADDRESS: 218 8th Ave


SEATING: This floral heavy coffee, smoothie and bar has ample seating in two different sections. Those include several sets of both style seating with one table. There are several sets of two person tables with stools (not going to lie, they do not look comfortable). There are also several tables with wicker chairs. There are also about five couches. There is also a coffee bar/bar you can sit at and the baristas seem friendly.

PLUG SITUATION: There’s quite a few along the walls in both sections. There appears to be some sets built into some of the booths.

BATHROOM SITUATION: One single person bathroom with a code.

NOISE LEVEL: It can be loud. There are high ceilings that carry noise but it is still quite enough that you can easily have a conversation with someone. They play music at a comfortable level not too loud but does feel like it’s at a volume that is more retail than coffeeshop in my opinion. The music choice is very pop, top 40. Since I’ve been here, there's been a lot of Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez etc. I’d say it’s a very comfortable level of background noise but loud enough that if you need to take a 30 second call, you’ll probably need to step outside.

LIGHTING: Beautiful, eclectic and engaging. One side of the bar has a much darker vibe while the other is more warm and sunny. Both sides are draped in scones and have an cornucopia of chandeliers and disco balls.

FOOD: There are sandwiches and pasties but the stand out seems to be the stand alone smoothie and juice bar. There is a bar as well to get your alcohol fix if your cup of tea isn’t really a cup of tea.

OVERALL: I like this place. It’s bright, fun and there are a lot of options. You definitely need to be someone who can handle a good amount of background noise to make this place work. Otherwise it’s great. It also appears to be dog friendly.


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