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Ground Central Rockefeller Center

For whatever self loathing reason you find yourself in midtown Manhattan any of the Ground Central Coffee Shops are a go to.


ADDRESS: : 1166 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: This place is really on 45th. Between 5th and 6th AV

SEATING: It’s not bad. There are two sets of stool seating.

One is next to the bathroom and the other is along the front windows. There is one big family style shared table, a set of big plush chairs and seating along the far wall. There is one red plush couch in a back corner.

PLUG SITUATION: Not bad. There are quite a few. There’s one outlet next to each of the seats alongside the seating on the far wall, next to the stools close to the bathroom and next to the oddly placed red plush couch.

WIFI: Not great. It was hard to connect. Luckily there is a Capital One Bank with free wifi nearby.

BATHROOM SITUATION: No code and clean.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s pretty solid background noise. It’s not too loud nor too quiet. As I write this, the barista is playing the new (relatively) Foster The People album

LIGHTING: Stereotypical coffee shop

FOOD: Eh, it’s nothing special… pastries etc. They have decaf coffee too if that’s your thing.

OVERALL: If you’re in midtown this is a pretty solid optioN IF you don’t need super fast Wifi. Looking for a place to answer some emails or have a brief meeting. This is a good bet.


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