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Nook Review



ADDRESS: 45 Irving Av.


PLUG SITUATION: That’s prime real estate here. There are a handful at one end of the table. There is one set near the four person table as well as handful in some in the little nooks

SEATING: This is this place’s strong suit. There are a lot of places to sit. There is a big communal table in the center of the main space. There are four other two person tables and one for four. THere are two sets of window sidebar style seating options. There are three coves with various other seating options including couches, lounge and even a rocking chair. There is one other space to sit on the ground. That’s just inside. There are also several tables on the street as well as under a covered outdoor dining space on Irving Av.

WIFI: Overall it is fast but in my experience it can go in and out.

BATHROOM SITUATION: It has a single one person bathroom in the back of the establishment

NOISE LEVEL: It’s not too loud but it's not a quiet place by any means. There is music overhead.

Personally, I like it but I can see how some may find it overbearing.

LIGHTING: It’s pretty warmly lit with lamps over the bar and some sconces on the wall. There are large floor to ceiling windows that dominate the space’s lighting. Honestly that can be overbearing especially in the afternoon sun. For some reason they don’t have curtains. This really impacts the large communal table. It’s almost impossible to see. I personally prefer this place on a cloudy day.

FOOD: There are a lot of good options here from their avocado toast to their yogurt parfait. They have a handful of sandwiches on the menu including the spicy nook. Def worth a try. The size options for their sandwiches honestly are quite confusing: “half” equals one whole sandwich and “full” is two sandwiches. This place also serves alcohol and has events in the evening.

OVERALL: This place has some faults but the ample seating, friendly service, good food make up for it.


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