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Partner's Coffee (west Village)


ADDRESS: 44 Charles St.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: Corner of Charles and 7th Av

SEATING: There are four two person tables in the center of the coffeeshop. There are two sets of four person bar style seating facing the street (great for people watching). There are two tables for two people against the brick wall on the far side of the shop. There is a good amount of outdoor seating.

PLUG SITUATION: This is NOT this place’s strong suit. Honestly, looking around, I didn’t see a single outlet.

WIFI: It’s pretty fast and reliable. No problems.


NOISE LEVEL: It’s loud. If that’s not your thing, don’t come here.

LIGHTING: Stereotypical coffee shop with minimal overhead lights. This place largely banks natural light from the almost floor to ceiling windows on two of the three sides of this corner coffee shop.

FOOD: Great coffee! This place actually is part of a local coffee chain. It actually has a roastery in Williamsburg.

OVERALL: This place is a great option as long as you don’t mind it loud and have fully charged devices. This is also not a late night place. It closes at 5PM.


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