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Review: Now or Never Cafe

Now or Never Cafe


ADDRESS: 30 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: On grand between 6th Ave and Thompson near the Canal St. A/C/E

PLUG SITUATION: This is not this place’s strong suit. There seems to be a handful of outlets. They’re all on the right hand side wall as you come in.

SEATING: There are a lot of different seating options. There are three tables for two people. There are also two chairs and a couch (it can sit three people) There is also a shared table that seats four people comfortably.

WIFI: It’s fast and comfortable. I was able to upload a segment and download some video with no lag.

BATHROOM SITUATION: There is one. It's a single person bathroom.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s comfortable. It’s not too quiet but definitely not too loud. You can have a conversation with someone comfortably but not worry that everyone can overhear what you are saying.

LIGHTING: There are big floor to ceiling windows and yellow bulb lights overhead. It is very well lit.

FOOD: Good coffee, and a handful of pastry options. There’s nothing too crazy here.

OVERALL: This is a good option. For safety make sure you’re charged up before coming here.


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