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REVIEW: Pause Cafe

Pause Cafe Interior
Pause Cafe Interior

Pause Cafe


ADDRESS: 3 Clinton St.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: Clinton St. between Stanton and Houston (closer to Houston)

SEATING: There is a lot here. There’s a center shared table that you can fit maybe 10 people on (comfortably maybe a different story) On the left hand side there are eight tables intended for two people. There is one stand alone table on the far wall next to the refrigerator. There is also a window facing bench that can fit two people comfortably (three if you need to) On a nice day there is so much more. Outside there are a handful of tables immediately outside. Then there is the overhang on the street. There are two different sections. One is completely exposed to the elements and the other is fully enclosed.

PLUG SITUATION: There is one along the front wall by the entrance next to a hand sanitizer dispenser on a column. Along the back wall there are some but most are closer to the far wall.

WIFI: The wifi is fast. I can download, upload and research without a problem.

BATHROOM SITUATION: It exists. There is a one person gender neutral bathroom near the front next to the register.

NOISE LEVEL: This is not a quiet place. It is somewhere you need to thrive in noise. There are lots of people having conversations so this is a great place for a meeting. But if you are writing and need a quieter place this is not for you. The music matching the middle eastern mediterranean flare this place is going for has a noticeable presence. It’s comfortable but if you need to make a quick phone call, it's not going to work out in this space.

LIGHTING: Stereotypical coffeeshop, it's warmly lit with a number of yellow bulb lighting fixtures overhead and with large floor to ceiling windows upon entry.

FOOD: The food is great. It’s Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Lots of salads and sandwiches on the menu too. My personal favorite is the Tuna Royal. The chai is not just some of the best I’ve had in New York City but arguably anywhere.

OVERALL: This place is a solid option but it can get busy. Even though there is a lot of seating this place is popular so know that you may have to wait on occasion. It can be noisy but if you thrive in that environment that is the place for you. Bring an appetite. This place’s culinary options are on point.


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