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Review: PT Knitwear

PT Knitwear


ADDRESS: 180 Orchard Street

PLUG SITUATION: There are quite a few. There is a power cord near the two tables in the little nook. There are also plugs along the stadium seating set up.

SEATING: Two tables in front of a stadium seating style nook. On top there are a handful of other tables. There are also three bar stools next to the coffeeshop within the bookstore

WIFI: Works well. No complaints

BATHROOM SITUATION: They have one in the back.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s frankly pretty quiet. The music level is fine and people are relatively quiet. It’s a good place to work.

LIGHTING: There is a lot of natural light as well as fluorescent lighting

FOOD: Not this place’s strong suit. The coffee is phenomenal but the pastry options are sparse. There are some cookies and muffins

OVERALL: This place is great. It’s quiet and has a bookstore and podcast studio inside too. The coffee aspect is not this places strong suit


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