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Review: Sammy L Coffee

Sammy L Coffee


ADDRESS: 83 3rd Av.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: 3rd Ave between 11th and 12th

PLUG SITUATION: There’s a good amount alongside both the far and back wall as well as alongside the column in between the two bar style tables that face the window.

SEATING: There’s a decent amount of seating here. There are five bar style seats facing the window. There are six two person tables and booths along both the far wall and back wall in the main seating area.

WIFI: Works well. I am able to get everything done which includes uploading a clip.

BATHROOM SITUATION: Not bad. There is one large gender neutral bathroom in the back intended for one person at a time.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s comfortable. Not too loud. It’s frankly pretty quiet and comfortable.

LIGHTING: They have yellow bulbs overhead and big almost floor to ceiling windows that bring in a lot of natural light.

FOOD: There’s a lot here. It has a lot of Asian influence with sushi boxes even on the menu and HiChew in front of the cash register. It’s a solid place to go and grab a bite while working too.

OVERALL: This is a pretty solid place. Nice amount of seating, plugs and fast wifi.


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