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REVIEW: The New York Public Library

New York Public Library Reading Room
New York Public Library Reading Room

REVIEW: The New York Public Library (third floor reading room)


ADDRESS: 476 5th Av.

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: It’s the New York Public Library come on, you know where it is.

SEATING: Ample! The reading room has endless long tables that can seat 12 people at least. Each table has at least one outlet built into it. It’s not bad.

WIFI: Free, usable but not fast.

LIGHTING: This is a well lit space with iconic chandeliers, lamps built into every table and of course those huge windows.

BATHROOM SITUATION: Yes, this is also a museum open to the public so there are lots of them.

NOISE LEVEL: Beyond quiet. You could hear a pin drop, literally… I tried it. If you need to take a phone call or maybe sit and have a meeting… sorry this is not your place.

FOOD: Eh, not really the place for this.

OVERALL: This is probably one of the best places to get work done in New York City. As long as you're not exactly looking to have a bite while you’re working or need super fast Wifi. I highly recommend it. Plus, this is one of the most iconic buildings in Manhattan. That’s pretty cool in of itself.


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