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t/CO Cafeteria


ADDRESS: 151 Wilson Ave. Brooklyn N.Y. 11237

NEW YORKER TRANSLATION: Wilson and Suydam in Bushwick

SEATING: There are four tables inside. Three of them are along the wall. They seat four people each.

There is also a table facing the window that sits six. There are four tables at the bar. There are a few seats outside on Wilson.

PLUG SITUATION: It’s great IF you get the middle table. There is one outlet with a power strip. Otherwise, it’s slim pickins as they say.

WIFI: It works well. I was able to download, upload and write comfortably.

BATHROOM SITUATION: One single occupancy all gender bathroom with no code.

NOISE LEVEL: It’s comfortable. It’s relatively quiet with some background music.

LIGHTING: The large windows upfront do wonders. The natural light is inspiring.

FOOD: It’s alright. I had lunch when I went there. I got the steak salad. Everything about the salad was great minus the steak… It was overcooked and flavorless. The artichoke palms and oranges helped elevate it through. The coffee is great. No complaints on the decaf latte.

OVERALL: This is a fairly solid option. Plug situation can be tough if you don’t get the right seat and don’t order the steak. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.


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